Made in Grasse, France

Grasse is the cradle of perfumery. This is where all the French luxury brands are established and this is exactly where Private Parfum elaborate and create all our fragrances. For an interesting perspective from UNESCO on the cultural heritage of perfume,

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Made with the best ingredients

Our perfumes are made with a selection of the best essences that are the selection of ingredient and the conception of the fragrances are made in truly fine tradition of perfumery by the as well known luxury brand perfumes.

Supply Chain

How we optimize.

Yes, we control every step.


Call for bids.




Order &


Bottling & blending of

Distribution center

Receipt of products and
shipping to e-commerce customers.

The best luxury fragrance for a fraction of the price

Most of the price you pay when you buy a branded luxury perfume is about the brand… whereas the brand is not visible at all in a perfume. So, why don’t you smell just like the same as a branded luxury perfume but paying just the right fraction of the price? This is our philosophy at Private Parfum. We want to offer our customers luxury high end french brandless perfumes that smell just like their preferred fragrances.

So if you are reading this it means that you are lucky and smart and ready to benefit from the best luxury fragrances saving up to 80%  of the price.

Who we are

We are entrepreneurs passionate about the perfumery. Our mission is to offer the luxury quality to everyone and make people pay the right price for the best French luxury fragrances.